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Euryale's details

Euryale is blue and cyan, as seen in her default icon. (Her sister Stheno is thin and red, per traditional depictions.) Where humans usually have scalp hair, Euryale has many snakes, and she has a long serpentine tail instead of legs. By her own admission, she is capable of turning people to stone; she has not specified details. She does not wear clothing; she probably petrifies anyone who tries to sexualize her nudity.

She considers herself beautiful and is probably somewhat scornful of legs and hair.

Euryale has consistently identified Medusa as her late sister (although not always by name). She has implied that the two were not born sisters, suggesting that Medusa may not have joined the Gorgons' family until after her transformation by Athena.

Still unknown:

Can she really petrify? (Most likely.)
Does petrification happen when she looks at someone, when they look at her, only when they are frightened of her, or something else? (It probably takes more than just eye contact, but what?)
Can she reverse the petrification? (Probably, if only because it makes roleplaying her less serious.)